Registration and Payment / Registro y Pago

Registration and Payment

Note: Please, read carefully the instructions at the Registration and Payment forms.

Step 1: Registration

To registrate for IEEE ICA-ACCA 2018, please complete your data and sign up with the following form:

Note that in this form, authors can associate its registration to 1 or 2 papers maximum (in the case of a Presenting Author registration).

Your Email will be used as a primary key in our database, so you can only add one registration associated to a given Email.

Step 2: Payment

Once Step 1 is done, proceed to pay your registration by using the following form:

The payment form is designed to allow the payment of more than one registered person. The form will allow you to ask for an invoice and add the respective data. Also, you can choose to pay now or at the conference (this last option is unavailable for Presenting Authors, as they will be required to pay their registration fees before the conference). If you choose to pay now, please do not forget to attach the PDF of your payment receipt at the bottom of the form (this will be checked to validate your registration).

Note: Payment via VISA or other cards is now available!